Custom Clamshells

In addition to our stock and semi-custom clamshell offerings, VisiPak has the design prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to handle all of your needs for custom clamshell packages.

Custom Design

At VisiPak, we take the time to understand your packaging needs and incorporate them into the design of each clamshell package. By considering factors from how the package will display and be merchandised, to protecting the product and eliminating theft, our packaging design team can develop a fully customized clamshell that meets your exact specifications. We can even integrate special features, such as thermoformed insert trays, functional elements for hanging or standing and completely customized cavities.

Gila Custom Clamshell Packaging

HDX Custom Clamshell Packaging

Rapid Prototyping

With extensive packaging design experience and comprehensive prototyping capabilities, our packaging design team can quickly turn your conceptual designs into tangible prototypes, so you can get your product to market faster and more cost-effectively.

  • 3D and 2D Computer Aided Design Software
  • Start of the Art 3D Laser Scanners
  • 3D MicroScribe Digitizing Equipment
  • CNC Mold Milling Machine
  • 3D Printers for Precise Model & Sample Generation

Graphics Integration

The integration of graphic labels and inserts is another critical element of the custom packaging design process. Our design team can help select and configure graphic inserts on labels that will seamlessly integrate graphics into your clamshell package.

Braza Custom Clamshell Packaging

HDX Custom Clamshell Packaging


Once your clamshell is designed, you can rest assured that it will be manufactured with quality and efficiency in our ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility featuring high-speed inline thermoformers.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • Certified ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) clean room per ISO14644 standards
  • Extensive Production Capacity
  • Consistent Quality
  • U.S. Based Production

Custom Clamshell Gallery

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