Plastic Trays

Common uses for a plastic thermoformed tray include packaging inserts or shipping trays. Depending on the end use, plastic materials used to manufacture a tray can vary. For shipping, storage, and material handling trays, less costly materials can be used to provide a durable and protective tray without the need for clarity. Our design team will work with you to determine the best design and material for your application. All trays are carefully manufactured and stack packed to insure quality and ease of use at your plant, plus save on shipping and storage. If a separate lid is required, we can design and manufacture this as well, or you may want to inquire about a clamshell tray. We will be happy to review your needs for all types of plastic trays.

Plastic Trays

Applications for Plastic Trays

Medical and Dental Trays

Medical and Dental Instrument Trays

Packaging Inserts

Packaging Inserts

Food packaging trays

Food Packaging Trays

Shipping trays

Shipping and Storage Trays

Material handling trays

Material Handling Trays

Electronics trays


Gallery Featuring Plastic Packaging Trays


Clamshell Tray

ITW Rippey

Printer Cartridge Tray

Asco Valve

Tray for Valves


Packaging Insert Tray

Phillips Razor

Electric Razor Packaging


Folding Clamshell Tray

Specialty Cracker Company

Cracker Tray

Crunch Pak

Lidded Film Tray

Macaron Tray

Macaron Tray

Shorr GPS

Packaging Insert

Shipping tray for automotive parts

Shipping Tray for Auto Parts

Parts handling tray with automotive parts in it

Parts Handling Tray for Tube Assemblies

National Manufacturing Locations

As part of the Sinclair & Rush family of companies, we have thermoforming operations centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. Our line of stock clamshell packaging is available nationwide. Likewise, our custom solutions are manufactured in all locations. We are manufacturers of precision clamshell packaging and thermoformed trays.

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