Custom Thermoformed Containers

Although the majority of thermoformed packaging can be classified as either clamshells, blisters, or trays, many of the products that we make are actually custom designed solutions to unique packaging applications. Oftentimes, the best thermoformed packaging solution is the one that is custom designed to meet every need of a specific application. Typical examples would be packaging inserts and clear custom containers. Inserts are designed to hold a group of products within a carton, such as votive candles, game pieces, small hardware items and much more. Custom containers, often larger, are used for holding delicate parts during shipment and storage.

Custom Thermoformed Containers

Thermoformed Containers Gallery

Yakima Insert

Custom Folding Container

Clarisonic Insert

Deep Drawn Packaging Insert

Salad Container

Expandable Salad Container

PSE Archery Insert

Package Insert

Eco Brew Insert

Insert within Tube Container

Perfume Bottle Packaging

Bottle Packaging Containers

Clear Round and Angled Clamshells

Clamshell Containers

Medical Container

Laboratory Supply Container

Shipping Tray

Protective Shipping Container

National Manufacturing Locations

As part of the Sinclair & Rush family of companies, we have thermoforming operations centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. Our line of stock clamshell packaging is available nationwide. Likewise, our custom solutions are manufactured in all locations. We are manufacturers of precision clamshell packaging and thermoformed trays.

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