Header Cards

What else comes after the product and a clear clamshell package? What about the stunning, eye-catching graphics? What about product specifications? Yes, the third component of a complete package is the header card. This is where all the information needed for the consumer and for the retail seller is displayed. The printed material included in any retail package outlines details for the consumer with information they need to make a purchase while also providing the selling agent a means to monitor the inventory and sale. The graphics and header cards will complete your packaging. 

Have you ever forgotten one of the most critical components of an excellent package? You might be surprised to learn how often the header card is overlooked until the last minute. However, VisiPak has a solution in place to assist and save time on the header card production.

VisiPak is proud to work with trusted partners like Printing and Packaging Inc. to ensure that our customers get a total packaging solution. The header cards produced by Printing and Packaging will ensure a great looking package for your product.

Clamshell Insert /Header Cards

Printing and Packaging Inc. is one of the country's leading suppliers of high-quality insert cards. VisiPak has provided Printing and Packaging with technical drawings for our stock clamshells. To further the ease of completing a package, they have used the drawings to create templates for the clamshells. Our partnership with them gives you the benefit of utilizing the Printing and Packaging website with our part numbers to coordinate the correct insert card size you need. This simple convenience helps move your project along quickly. Follow this link to the Printing and Packaging website to learn more about insert cards.

Blister Cards

In addition to supplementing our stock clamshells with header cards, Printing and Packaging can also assist in other thermoformed packaging. If you are purchasing a thermoformed blister, Printing and Packaging has a complete blister card printing service. Learn more details by visiting Printing and Packaging, Inc.

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