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We do more than just sell clamshell packaging, we sell packaging solutions. Our design team will work with you to create a clamshell package that not only functions well, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of your product. Working with you, we design clamshells, build the production tooling, and ship the product on time at a competitive price.

Clamshells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular is the standard clamshell box. Popular for packaging everything from fishing lures to thumb tacks, these plastic clamshell boxes are perfect for merchandising items. The primary benefit is visual inspection by the customer without opening the clamshell package!  Stock clamshells are available in over 200 options. In addition, clamshells can be custom designed for your specific application.

Clamshell Packages

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Over 200 Clamshell Sizes,
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Same-Day Shipments and Low Minimum Quantities

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Stockclam Stock Clamshell Packages

Semi-Custom Clamshells

Create your own custom clamshell while only having to pay for the mold insert.

View Semi-Custom Clamshells

Semi-Custom Clamshells

Custom Clamshells

In addition to our stock and semi-custom clamshell offerings, VisiPak has the design prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to handle all of your needs for custom clamshell packages.

View Custom Clamshells

Custom Clamshells

Clamshell Trays

Incorporate a clam shell feature into the design of a tray.

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Clamshell Trays

Tri-Fold Clamshells

Tri-Fold Clamshells are designed with a triangular base that allows the clamshell to stand upright on a shelf.

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Tri-Fold Clamshells

Specialty Clamshells

While the majority of our stock clamshells are designed for use across a wide variety of applications, we also have experience in developing more standardized clamshell packaging solutions for certain common applications.

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Specialty Clamshells for cupcakes, golf balls, macarons

National Manufacturing Locations

As part of the Sinclair & Rush family of companies, we have thermoforming operations centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. Our line of stock clamshell packaging is available nationwide. Likewise, our custom solutions are manufactured in all locations. We are manufacturers of precision clamshell packaging and thermoformed trays.

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