Eight Cavity Clamshell

8 Cavity Wax Cube Clamshell from VisiPakUniquely designed for wax or cube melts, this thermoformed clamshell has 8 cavities, or pockets, which holds approximately 0.625 ounces of wax and can be hot-filled. It also features a hanger hole which allows for quick and easy display in a retail environment.

This item is ready to ship and available for purchase in our online store.

Note: Wax melts not included.


National Manufacturing Locations

As part of the Sinclair & Rush family of companies, we have thermoforming operations centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, on the west coast in Portland, Oregon and on the east coast in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Our line of stock clamshell packaging is available nationwide. Likewise, our custom solutions are manufactured in all locations. We are manufacturers of precision clamshell packaging and thermoformed trays.

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