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Typically used as packaging inserts or shipping trays, National Plastics manufactures plastic trays from a variety of materials including PVC, Polystyrene, PETG and other materials. Our design team will work with you to determine the best design and material for your application.

All trays are carefully manufactured and stack packed to insure quality and ease of use at your plant. For applications requiring tray packaging, you may want to consider one of our clamshell trays.

Typical applications for plastic trays include:

· Medical and dental instrument trays
· Packaging inserts
· Food packaging trays
· Shipping and storage trays
· Material handling trays

For shipping, storage, and material handling trays, less costly plastic materials can be used to provide a durable and protective tray without the need for clarity.

We will be happy to review your needs for all types of plastic trays.

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