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Stock Golf Ball Clamshells & Trays

StockClamDesigned specifically for the packaging of used, second chance, and other specialty golf balls. National Plastics offer a complete line of stock golf ball packaging. Unlike typical golf ball packages, the clear plastic clamshell packaging allows consumers to inspect the product before buying. This is very important as many consumers shy away from used golf balls simply because they are not able to get a good feel for the quality of the product.

Our most popular clamshell holds 12 balls and is designed for hanging, stacking, or standing. Made of .015 thick PVC with an egg crate design that minimizes movement, these clamshells have proven to be extremely durable and capable of handling the relatively heavy weight of the product.

These clear plastic clamshells are also the perfect item for packaging personalized or logo golf balls. Contrary to standard golf ball packaging, one can easily inspect the logos or personalized insignias through the transparent package.

These golf ball clamshells are typically in stock for immediate shipment and available in small quantities.

Stock Golf Ball Clamshells

Item Number
Clamshell Capacity
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3-pack Egg Carton 103-1 Three (3) Balls
3-pack Round Bottom 103-2 Three (3) Balls
4-pack Flat Bottom 275TF Four (4) Balls
6-pack Flat Bottom 405TF Six (6) Balls
12-pack Egg Carton 112-1 Twelve (12) Balls
12-pack Flat Bottom 300TF Twelve (12) Balls
18-pack Egg Carton 118-1 Eighteen (18) Balls
18-pack Flat Bottom 118-2 Eighteen (18) Balls
24-pack Flat Bottom 124-2 Twenty-four (24) Balls
48-pack Flat Bottom 903TF Forty-eight (48) Balls


Crystal Clear and tough, these clamshells stay shut during shipment and while on display. Ten popular sizes in stock for immediate shipment. Some available in both nested (egg carton) and round/flat bottom models. Great for used and logo balls.

Item Number
Clamshell Capacity
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103-1 Egg Carton Three (3) Balls
103-2 Round Bottom Three (3) Balls
275TF Flat Bottom Four (4) Balls
405TF Flat Bottom Six (6) Balls
112-1 Egg Carton Twelve (12) Balls
300TF Flat Bottom Twelve (12) Balls
118-1 Egg Carton Eighteen (18) Balls
(Image Not Available) 118-2 Flat Bottom Eighteen (18) Balls
124-2 Flat Bottom Twenty-four (24) Balls
903TF Flat Bottom Forty-eight (48) Balls


Use for display or in golf ball cartons for secure fit. Eliminate three ball inner packages. Reduce costs. Trays are made from tough polystyrene in black.

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