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Although the use of packaging insert trays is widespread, many people do not consider incorporating a clam shell feature into the design of a tray. Of course, the graphics may be more limited than with a folding carton, but there are other major advantages.

· Shoppers are able to view the product easily from many angles.
· Can be designed to hang on peg walls.
· Minimizes cost by combining 2 packaging components into one.
· Protects products better than standard trays.


Although fishing kits are traditionally sold in expensive polypropylene boxes, our client needed a low cost method to incorporate a tray of lures into a fully functional one piece hanging package.

Looking for a way to cut down on damage caused in shipping, we designed for this manufacturer of precision surgical needles a clam shell tray that required each needle to be snapped into place. With no movement and plastic packaging surrounding the product, damage has been eliminated.


Not all clamshells are created equally. Although we strive to provide our customers a very competitive price, we will not sacrifice quality to do so. All products are tested for clarity, wall thickness, hinge strength, and "open and closeability."

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